Aw Bea.

arthur2-full1I’m not sure what the appeal of Golden Girls could have been for a young teen, but I loved it. Maybe it was the fact that my parents had banned me from watching Laverne and Shirley as a child, their reason being, and I quote: They are cheap ladies! Cheap ladies! No further explanation necessary, apparently. Perhaps the Golden Girls seemed like cheap ladies disguised as old ladies. They were certainly as sassy and brassy and funny as Laverne and Shirley. Perhaps, despite their age (which seemed ancient to me back then), it was clear to me that their female friendships were as compelling and enduring as my own. Perhaps I enjoyed them because both of my grandmothers lived in Argentina, and it was a bit of an old lady fix. Or maybe I just watched a lot of TV. 

I don’t remember any particular plot lines. Just a lot of robes, house dresses, pastel pantsuits, wicker furniture, lanais, whipped white hair and cheesecake. Their Miami condo, decorated in 80’s tropicalia, probably smelled of powder and perfume and I fantasized about all the sweet creamy confections they might have in their refrigerator, about falling asleep on the mauve couch printed in sage palm fronds. I fancied I might be welcomed there – fawned over, even. Bea Arthur was a classy lady with a great voice and wit. She could move laugh tracks with a mere look of exasperation or a raised eyebrow. I’m sad to see her go.

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3 Responses to “Aw Bea.”

  • S&P Polymath Says:

    Sublime. I have found that sitcom’s set in Milwaukee are disturbing at best. Your parents did well to protect you.

    on another note – phone message received – mission accomplished – many thanks.

  • peevish mama Says:

    Oh goodie! Have a fabulous anniversary, you beautiful birds. Perhaps the perfect occasion to break out a little Rock Flute? Oh wait, that sounds pervy. I’m just talkin’ about a little Jethro Tull.

  • rafael Says:

    thicket@memoir.blanchard” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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