dsc_00621I am Peevish Mama.  I live in Minneapolis with my husband, Doctor Dash, and our three monkeys: Saint James, Supergirl and Devil Baby. I like beef, salt, butter, gin, big sparkly words, cussing, dancing and boots. I dislike smugness and raisins.

This blog documents my feeble attempts to keep my sense of humor, sense of style and sense of self in this silly lovely maddening exhausting challenging perfectly imperfect morrass of a life I am living right now.

Sometimes I write as a mother, sometimes as a wife, always as myself –  a peevish peevish woman. Sometimes I write to pass the time because I’m so bored I wish I could take my skull out of my head and drum my fingers on it. Sometimes I write to catch time – to clutch it to my chest, because my heart protests and my breath catches when I think about how fast this is all going.

I keep waiting to run out of stuff to write about. When that happens, I’ll stop.

If you’re not averse to a bit of hyperbole, a shade of drama, a sprinkling of profanity and a titch of peevishness – welcome. Welcome to my messy, messy house.

Thanks for reading!

Lambert_09_077Photo by Kathy Quirk-Syvertsen