Oct 31 2011

Music Monday – Happy Halloween

There are so many songs, so many many songs that would be loosely apropos for Halloween. I’m just going to pick one because I love it. And I’m thinking when you listen, you’ll remember that you do too. Enjoy The Ghost in You by The Psychedelic Furs. YouTube Preview Image

Happy Halloween, my friends. Best day of the year, no?

Oct 25 2011

Happy Birthday iPod

ipod-silhouetteDid you see the piece in the Sunday NY Times about iPod’s tenth (!) birthday on October 23? It’s an interview with David Levitin, a neuroscientist from McGill and it touches on some of the very things I was chewing on in a post I called Wrapped Up in a Song from 2009. I love that post, I really do. And I do wonder: what are we losing by having so much music at our fingertips, by listening to our vast libraries on shuffle, by picking and choosing the songs that we like off albums instead of ingesting the thing as a whole? Levitin has some answers for us.

Oct 24 2011

Long week-end love. How we did.

securedownloadSo hey, looking through my list, I’m thinking not too shabby. We had a great weekend and for the first time in a long time, I feel kinda sorta on top of things, although I’m sure I’ll be back on that hamster wheel as soon as the school bell rings tomorrow morning. The week-end stretched and yawned, accommodating new plans, unexpected rain and the yen to be still.

1. get our pumpkins One is even shaped like a Frankenstein head!

2. go to an apple orchard. We left this until Sunday and it was just too damp and intermittently rainy to go. Maybe next week end. Or next year.

3. rake the damn leaves Go Dash, Go!

4. make waffles

5. square away Halloween costumes for the little peeps. Anyone know where I can get a chicken costume that doesn’t cost 70 bucks?

7. work on Supergirl’s book puppet project Done. Cutest Ralph the Motorcycle Mouse ever.

8. go see the Minnesota Stars play in the Championship Series on Saturday night – along with the pre-game Joy of the People soccer frolic and tailgating. We bundled up, brought tons of blankets and had a blast watching the Stars dominate the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers. Score was 3-1 and the Stars scored all the goals, even their own. Eeek! You guys, there are a lot of soccer people in this town. Lovely to huddle into bleachers with all of them. Shine On, Stars!

9. make pizzas Go Dash, Go!

10. go to the farmers market (always) Since it was so damp on Sunday morning, I buzzed over by myself. Red kale, regular kale, garlic, squash, skirt steak, eggs, spinach, donuts, done.

11. have people over Sometimes a last minute, impromptu fest is the best way to go. Mixed up some peeps who didn’t know each other, included the chitlins, and braised up a big pork butt from Clancy’s. It was a hilarious night (and delicious, I think).

12. go for a hike.

13. pull the dead flowers out of the damn window boxes I was a BEAST in the garden on Saturday. I pointed some speakers out the windows and went to town. Not only did I clean out the window boxes, I weeded the whole garden and planted 70 tulip bulbs. I did it people! I finally did it! But listen, planting bulbs is some hard-ass work! Now I’ll need to watch Bravo TV for two days to recover. Phew.

All the kids got a couple play dates each and we also finally tried out The Anchor Fish and Chips before the soccer game on Saturday night and fell head over heels. Cool vibe, great food. And on Sunday, after a lazy brunch at Sun Street Breads (we are all crazy for the egg, bacon and cheese biscuits) I took the brood on a surprise visit to Sugar Sugar at the suggestion of Supergirlfan. What an adorable candy shop! I’m not even a candy person, but the owner has such a beautiful aesthetic and collection of old-timey and pretty candy, that I was completely charmed. This place is a little jewel, so if you haven’t been, Go! and go often, so she sticks around. Lovely.

Here’s that handsome Ralph.ralph

Oct 24 2011

Music Monday – Pearl Jam 20

Boy, am I ever excited to see this documentary by Cameron Crowe. It looks so gooooood. I can’t help but think of my friend, Saucilicious who loves and adores Eddie Vedder – always has, always will. Wish we could watch it together with a couple bottles of wine, but she’s in Pennsylvania. Instead I’ll watch with Dash and I’m thinking Saint James too. The boy goes completely still and hyper-focused whenever we catch any concerts or music documentaries on TV. These days I’m all about people who turn their loves into their lives. Both Vedder and Crowe seem to have managed to do that and it’s completely inspiring.

Oct 23 2011

Can’t wait for Music Monday so here it is-Music Sunday

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a little bonus for a lazy Sunday. I’m just besotted with this. Watch and enjoy a young and adorable Rod Stewart. And holy skinny pants! What a bunch of dandies! Damn. I love the part when they try to kick around a soccer ball. The guy in the little white stacked heel booties wasn’t able to play. Were they the first ones to do this? Because Rivers Cuomo busted out a soccer ball at the Weezer show this summer and I believe Justin Bieber does this too. Is this a thing? Who was the first? Anyone know? How odd and yet awesome.

Oct 20 2011

Long week-end love.

fallAll these years in, and I still manage to be taken unawares by MEA weekend. The kids have four days off – most people go somewhere. Me, I just wake up surprised to not have to make lunches. In fairness to myself, usually Dash is working so trips aren’t an option. This time, however, he’s got time off too. We briefly entertained a jaunt to a cabin – somewhere we could take Foxy, but we didn’t get our acts together. And you know what? I’m happy to be sticking here. We’ve been going going going – no time to breathe, no time for anything, so to be here with four days yawning before us feels as luxurious as a spa. Well, that’s overstating it for sure, but it feels good. Here’s what’s on my very loose, open to tampering list:

1. get our pumpkins

2. go to an apple orchard

3. rake the damn leaves

4. make waffles

5. square away Halloween costumes for the little peeps

7. work on Supergirl’s book puppet project

8. go see the Minnesota Stars play in the Championship Series on Saturday night – along with the pre-game Joy of the People soccer frolic and tailgating.

9. make pizzas

10. go to the farmers market (always)

11. have people over

12. go for a hike

13. pull the dead flowers out of the damn window boxes

Lucky 13. We’ll see how much of this we actually do, but it helps to have a list. Happy long weekend, all. May it be as busy or restful as you need it to be.

Oct 17 2011

Music Monday – Dum Dum Girls

This band just played at the Turf Club and I missed them. A little Blondie, a little Go Go’s, I very much dig. Enjoy a little leggy glammy girl action.

YouTube Preview Image

Oct 13 2011

Ugly Ass Tomatoes

julietWhen someone asks me why I continue to write for Simple Good and Tasty, I’ve got lots of reasons, but one of the big ones is that my editors have always been awesome. I wrote a post about roasting ugly ass tomatoes for soup and I wasn’t sure whether that was going to fly. It flew and it makes me chuckle to have written what is by all other accounts a straight piece on using up late season tomatoes with the term ugly ass sprinkled throughout. Like a little kid who just got away with something, it just kind of makes me happy. I love all words equally, and sometimes those black sheep are just what you need to make a point.

Oct 6 2011

A Philosophy of Fighting

ewing-galloway-boxing-gloves-hanging-on-the-wallI’m a lover, not a fighter. Except that I’m a fighter too. Who isn’t? I love this piece in Esquire by Tom Junot on the role of fighting in a marriage. It’s a wise, blunt, realistic and in the end, romantic essay. Dash and I fight (sometimes epically) about stupid stuff and as Junot points out, the same stuff as always. I’m no walk in the park, I tell you. Often I think it’s because we’re lucky enough not to have more serious issues lurking, making us feel like we’re on thin ice. The house is solid, so we have a certain degree of freedom to stamp on the floors and pound the walls. But it’s good to be vigilant, to be careful, to make sure to keep it clean – even at its dirtiest. This was a good reminder that we can fight for all sorts of reasons  - but not to win.

Oct 5 2011

Mayer Hawthorne

mayerhawthorneI want to give a little shout out to Soul Daddy for having slipped the delectable Mr. Hawthorne onto my plate. He was so silky smooth last night at First Ave, we could have eaten him up with a small plastic ice cream spoon. In an upside down move, Dash and I skipped the main act (Chromeo) and swooped in for Mayer Hawthorne, shook it, went to dinner at Tilia and were home by eleven. It was a Tuesday night, after all, and it has been a ridiculously busy week, after all, and although I’m super intrigued by Chromeo, the little I do know of them indicates that they are a PARTY band to be enjoyed as close to the stage as possible and with a succession of giant Coronas in hand. Fending off the Tuesday night pull of the couch, we stepped out to see this boy and he was hugely entertaining. He’s unapologetically sexy smooth, but a little tongue in cheek. His falsetto makes me weak in the knees. He clearly draws from the old Detroit crooners, but he wears that dapper blazer lightly. The mojo is very much his own and his sneakers are firmly planted in the now. He did a cover of Snoop Dog’s Gansta Luv that made my week – or made me weak. Both. Yes. Oof. Is it getting hot in here? Take a listen. Y’all, it is HARD to do better Snoop than Snoop and Hawthorne just might have done it. The lad has got two speeds. I like him slow. YouTube Preview Image

Oct 3 2011

Girl Power

On Sunday night we went to see the Minnesota Lynx play game one of the WNBA finals against the Atlanta Dream. They’re the best team going in Minnesota right now and it was such a blast. LOUD music, rowdy fans, plentya hootin and hollerin, and complete, unabashed GIRL POWER. Damn!

I can’t decide if it was better for my girls to see that or my boy to see that. GO LYNX!

p.s. secretly, I’d love to go back with a bunch of ladies, drink a ton of beers and then go dancing. Maybe the Lynx would like to come with us?

Oct 2 2011


YouTube Preview Image

Y’all know I love street art. This is a neat peek into the work of two ladies (Olek and Swoon) who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. I especially love what Swoon says about her art being an attempt to construct a space for a certain kind of connection, a certain kind of wonder, a certain kind of unlikeliness and for the things that you think that there isn’t room for or time for in the life that we’re living.

So picture this. A bare bulb – the old kind, with one of those little metallic pull strings hanging down. As I watch this, it’s as if someone reaches into the dark space above my head and pulls the string. Maybe it’s because I’m such a word person, but to me, listening to artists talk about their work is equally, if not more, fascinating than the work itself.

Connection. Wonder. Unlikeliness. For the things we don’t have room or time for in this life.


Oct 1 2011

Heads Up

dazed-and-confusedThere’s a Richard Linklater film series at the Walker and I plan to catch as many as I can. Dazed and Confused is possibly one of my favorite movies ever. It’s a stoner coming-of-age story, but ever so much more. By turns dark and hilarious, it manages to tell the story of a group of Texas teens with a light hand but huge insight, even affection. Not much happens, it’s sort of a day-in-the-life, but man, are you ever taken there – sitting on the warm hood of a car, shooting the shit with your buds. And Matthew McConaughy is brilliant as the affable, slightly post-peak BMOC. I just love it. Dash and I saw it in a crowded little theater in Boston, a place where it wasn’t out of the question to see a mouse scurrying for cover as you found your seat. More than any other director, Linklater felt like one of us, making movies about us. Like our lives at that point, his movies are short on action and long on conversation and ideas. I swear that I spent most of my early twenties just walking and talking. Nothing about that period of time is as vivid as the rambling. We were young, we needed to be moving, but there was so much to talk about. So we did both. I’m curious to see whether I’ll still find these movies compelling, now that I’m old-ish. I’ll soon find out. I’m suddenly in the mood for a good ramble, though.

Incidentally, if you have elementary school age kids and haven’t watched School of Rock with them, do it pronto. A more recent Linklater movie, it could have been stick-your-finger-down-your-throat saccharine, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s hysterical and uplifting and sorry, but Jack Black can sort of do no wrong in my book. So good.

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