Music Monday for Mamas

the5It’s been a good slew of days around here, right? The sun managed to muscle out a banshee wind by Sunday, revealing one of those picture perfect days when it’s cool in the shade but hot in the sun.

We took it really easy. The day basically revolved around some early morning soccer, a bushwhacking adventure with Foxy Brown and good food. Lunch was our easiest fave – salamis, cheeses, olives, other salty bits and a Crispin cider – we huddled in the sunroom and didn’t eat until nearly three o’clock; dinner was steak sandwiches with garlic aoli and peppers and onions cooked by Dash. These people of mine know the way to my heart. We hung out on our front stoop in the sun for a long time, snagging Lady Tabouli’s family in our sticky spiderweb for a beer. Mellow and sunny. Perfect and easy.

I hope all you mamas out there were able to relax and let yourselves be loved up on Mother’s Day. It’s a good one as far as holidays go. Good for everyone to stop and be allowed to say what’s in their hearts with paints and clay, beef and tryingveryhardnottofight. I like it a lot, even though Saint James raided his art folder from this past year and gifted me with some suspiciously familiar-looking albeit cool Andy Warhol-esque pineapple prints. It’s funny to me. Something about our American school system has ingrained into my kids that they must produce art for Mother’s Day – and so he did. It’s the thought that counts – even if there was very little thought at all.

Here’s a song I love by an artist whom I don’t love. What can I say, I think Kanye is preposterous, but his music is magic to me. And he loved his mama. So there’s that.

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3 Responses to “Music Monday for Mamas”

  • Mamartiste Says:

    I went through the entire day thinking that my oldest had done nothing to commemorate the day or my being in any way special. I stewed in this, trying not to let these negative thoughts wreck what the others had made for me wholeheartedly, wanting me to feel their appreciation. At 8:30 at night I went to my desk and sat down to find a handmade card had been silently left there for me, still wet from glue, the efforts of the last half hour. I felt a bit like she’d have to be let off the hook, yet still stung by her detachment, her obligation fulfilled. I can still remember her eagerness to give me her gifts when she was little.

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