Music Monday: Twin Shadow

twin-shadow-slideA few weeks ago I wrote a little Music Monday post dedicated to Dave Brubeck and my musical romance with Doctor Dash. That was by no means to suggest that we agree on errythang.

Sometimes I’ll happily bust out something new in the kitchen and he won’t bite. I mean, he’s never as effusive as I’d like him to be. Even when he loves something, he won’t come out and say it with many many descriptive words and animated gestures like I would. Imagine.

I dig this band. A lot. But to quote Dash: They’re a little too Corey Hart for my taste. To which I say, you can never be too Corey Hart.

I understand that he’s not as drawn to a dramatic, diversely coiffed, divaesque, daredevil lead singer with delicious derring do as I might be, but he’ll come around.

YouTube Preview Image
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