Four More Years


I love this picture. How can you not? The fact that this is the image the Obama campaign chose to release via social media at the time of his victory is so telling. The message is love, right?

Obama is not perfect. I wish he were tougher, less conciliatory. I wish he were better at trumpeting his successes. I wish he had more experience. But I do feel like he’s a good man – and that is equal parts refreshing and comforting.

I went out celebrating on Wednesday night with the girls and DJ Jake played this song in honor of the President. I cannot describe how that little bar exploded into cheers and happy dancing. Oh man, it was so much fun. If it were possible for your smile to get so big that it sort of engulfs your head and then your whole body falls in and all that’s left is a huge grin writhing on the floor, I was in danger that night. Here comes your man!

YouTube Preview Image

And if someone were to suddenly give me the job of deciding the songs to play at various points in the campaign (please! someone give me that job!!!!), this is what I would have chosen for Obama to walk out to after he won the election. Bad ass.

YouTube Preview Image
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