Music Monday: Nirvana

21ccd83b5593ecaed7b7b09b5bcfa2aed935b208Apparently Nevermind was released 21 years ago today. I remember when Dash, Dolly and some other friends road tripped to Boston for fall break, they came back with this CD. It had blown their minds in the car and I distinctly remember Dolly loading it into the six CD changer in our living room, pressing play and letting us listen for a minute before saying listen to that bass! It made me giggle – partially because Dolly was talking like a boy, partially because the music sounded new and weird compared to all the classic rock we had been loading up on during those years and partially because she was totally right.

We were 21 – young enough to claim this album and this band as our own, but barely. For people who were teenagers and preteens in 1991, this is it. All of it. Hearing any song off this album out in the wild (and by that I mean out in the world) never fails to give me shivers. This is music by youth, for youth, of youth.

And just listen to that bass. Lithium.

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3 Responses to “Music Monday: Nirvana”

  • Dolly Says:

    Oh Peevish! I remember it like it was yesterday…okay maybe not really yesterday, but twenty-one-years-ago-yesterday. I believe we rode twenty some odd hours in the back of Flan’s Civic (?). Well, it was some sort of tiny car in which I was sandwiched between three boys, listening to this over and over and over… we never seemed to tire of it.

    I recently pulled this CD out of a old stash in my basement and put it in the rotation in the car. I know it seems outlandish to not just have it loaded into iTunes, but some CDs (or tapes or albums for that matter) seem to be better suited in their original packaging. My kids found the cover art intriguing and hilarious, so it stayed in the cycle even longer.

    Still gets me every time.


  • peevish mama Says:

    And my contribution of new music was The La’s. Good lord, how lame I was.

  • frederick Says:

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    thank you….

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