Music Monday: Bobby Brown

Why not? I’ve got nothing but wine and time, so Imma gonna set this bitch up to publish tomorrow. Sorry, sheesh. I just read an amazing article in the Atlantic about Kanye and I’m very linguistically suggestible. Just google it- to link would take too much effort here with my phone in the airport.

The truth is sometimes a song crashes back into your life and makes you laugh and dance and vow to memorize the choreography in time for your 20th reunion – just in case – with your old friend Patrioouuk whose visit was in itself, a glorious a crashing back.

Brilliant. Funny. Brilliant. What d’ya say, Nugs?

YouTube Preview Image
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3 Responses to “Music Monday: Bobby Brown”

  • Nugs Says:

    The only thing more exciting than getting a new nickname (I was previously, unimaginatively, commenting as “PC” on here) was dancing to this video in a sweaty club with Peevish Mama last week.

    This song was a hit 23 years ago, when we were college freshmen–teenagers!–getting down to this at dorm dances awkwardly chaperoned by priests and virginal RAs. As if our age and this song weren’t innocent enough.

    PM, I would say that our dance moves have only gotten better with age. But we still need to practice the Bobby Brown choreography for the reunion. I am working on it every day until then.

    Also, the video you linked above seems to be a parody of Bobby Brown’s original with Mike Tyson dancing with a modern day fat Bobby. Weird.

    So we’re working off the same playbook, here’s the original version they played as we danced:

  • peevish mama Says:

    Nugs! Lawd have MERCY! You are correct! I didn’t watch it all the way through. It’s unbearable. Wretched. But as much as I dislike derivative anything, with bloated has-beens and baby voiced pugilists with a violent streak, I think I have to leave it! It’s been up there too long! Ha! Violation!!!

    See you soon!

  • jack Says:

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