Music Monday: Bruce on the Meaning of Music

Bruce+Springsteen+b7I just spent the morning carrying my laptop from room to room as I made pancakes, got the kids ready for school and tried to clean up for the painter. Do yourself a favor and watch or listen to Bruce Springteen’s keynote speech at SXSW when you can stay in one place. Make some meatballs and enjoy an hour of the funny and self-deprecating Boss dishing music history, anecdotes, jokes and adolescent angst all interspersed with a little illustrative singing and guitar. Bruce is a silver-tongued wordsmith and his drippy hot descriptions of doo-wop alone, are worth the listen. Hard work, grit and caring too much are what have made him a titan. But he sure doesn’t act like one. He’s easy and cool. BY FAR the most riveting hour of video I’ve seen all year. What a guy.

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2 Responses to “Music Monday: Bruce on the Meaning of Music”

  • Mamartiste Says:

    I’ve listened to Bruce being interviewed before, most recently on NPR’s Fresh Air and I found him to be very funny, very wise and very eloquent. He really is a poet. I just listened to this interview that you mentioned here, while I was drawing, and I loved the ending and his insights and advice to young musicians- all very contradictory, and applicable to everyone. I especially like “believe you are the baddest ass in town and , you SUCK”. It’s so true for anyone who aspires to be really good at something that they love to do. Thanks for sharing this.

  • alexander Says:

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