Mad Hungry

bookI’m kind of the queen of buying gifts for people that I really want for myself. This Saturday night we’re going to an overnight dinner party at Gigi the Animal Whisperer and Ten Gallon’s “farm” with two other families. In addition to bringing fixings for the fanciest salad I can come up with (I’m thinking arugula with shaved fennel and apple, slivers of proscuitto and a champagne vinaigrette), I wanted to give Gigi and Ten Gallon a little token of thanks for hosting so many teens and children when what they were really after was us grown-ups! As they are the parents of three hungry adolescent boys, I stopped in my tracks when I spotted this book at Cooks of Crocus Hill. I couldn’t resist paging through it when I got home and the recipes look abso fabu. Big on flavor, big on heartiness, low on fuss. My kind of cooking. I love what Lucinda Scala Quinn says in her introduction about feeding the men and boys in her life.

Boys and men who grow up eating flavorful home-cooked food are more likely to cook for themselves. A man who knows how to cook is more self-sufficient, is a better roommate, boyfriend, father, and son. And as any wife knows, a husband who can cook is like one who can dance – the deluxe package. Huzzah!!!

Obviously, this holds true for girls too and like this author, feeding my family is one of my life’s great pleasures. It’s a way to be busy with my hands so I can listen to music and think. It’s a way to feel productive when I may be procrastinating figuring out what I’m going to be when I grow up. It’s a way to nourish and teach and share. It’s a way to show my love. And it’s a way for me to stack the deck in favor of ending up with a brood who will enjoy eating the way I do. If it is something we have always done together, it is something we can always do together. As my mother-in-law would say, bon appetit!

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3 Responses to “Mad Hungry”

  • MDB Says:

    the addition of prosciutto sounds excellent- the first time i made it i had shaved parm cheese to get a little salt into it- miss you guys- m

  • peevish mama Says:

    Holy shit! I did just hijack your salad! Totally forgot about that Florida deliciousness and thought I’d spawned this myself. Got a mandolin, which is awesome, and I didn’t even add any of my own finger to the shaved fennel and apple. I did pecorino romano instead of the parm. Also, used Meyer lemons in the dressing in lieu of vinegar – my first time tasting them – so yummy – ever so slightly sweeter than a regular lemon. Ten Gallon made a creamy sauce for pasta that happened to have Italian sausage in it, so the fennel in both played off each other. As he said, “simpatico.” Miss you too!!! xoxoxo

  • Alberto Says:

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