Somebody catch me,

I just may swoon.

tumblr_lmfh92FNUF1qg1ijoo1_500Paul Newman is so gorgeous that it took me minutes to register the denim jumpsuit. And, I must say, he is owning it.  He is annihilating that denim jumpsuit. I think I need some smelling salts. And Clint. Good lord, Clint, who was already so awesome at this point and yet, AND YET, had 99% of his awesomeness ahead of him. Check out this tumblr of Awesome People Hanging Out Together. There are so many gems. SO MANY GEMS! Like this –

tumblr_ln3pq0RHsh1qearaqo1_1280So fabulous. Oh, and this!

tumblr_llrlezFhUK1qbfoleo1_1280Damn. Just go look. Quick!

And here’s my own personal contribution to Awesome People Hanging Out Together in honor of Maestro de Bife’s birthday today! mariomontiMaestro de Bife and Devil Baby April 30, 2011, Naples, FLmaster baitSaint James, Supergirl, Doctor Dash and Maestro de Bife, April 28, 2011, Bonita Springs, FL

Happy Birthday little bro! xoxo

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