Fitz and the Tantrums

People, I realize posting youtube videos does not a blog make. That when you come here, you may be expecting to read some words from time to time. All I can say is that we’ve made it through some dry spells before and I can only hope we’ll do it again. We are going to see these guys tonight at a teensy place that has been the scene of many shenanigans in the past, and I am all a’dither! So very, very a’dither! They are out of L.A. and are considered Indie Soul. Again, the cross-pollination I love so much! When I watch this, I sort of pick up an 80’s new wave vibe from the lead, Michael Fitzpatrick – something about his natty dress feels old school and nostalgic to me. And see if you don’t fall in love with Noelle Skaggs. I sure hope she’s wearing something sparkly tonight!

YouTube Preview Image
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4 Responses to “Fitz and the Tantrums”

  • Dolly Says:

    These guys are on the top of Soul Daddy’s list of best new groups. They will be in St. Lou this Sat, playing at The Duck Room. They are coming into the KDHX studio Sat morning to be interviewed by Soul Daddy. Tune in to Wednesday’s show to hear their story! We are right there with ya, and can’t wait to kick it on Sat. Have fun tonight!

  • peevish mama Says:

    Oh man, that does NOT surprise me but oh, how it makes me wish we lived in the same town! Can you hear me wailing??? Paulie went on Friday night in Detroit and said it was an awesome show. I’m so excited. Have fun Sat night and I’ll definitely tune in to hear Soul Daddy’s interview! Let’s debrief next week, mamasita! xoxo

  • Wendy Brown Says:

    Ugh – Wish I would have got my ass to see them!! My dear friend from Madison who lives in LA begged me to go to the showt last week and it just could not happen. Hope it was a rockin in everyway. Of course you would know about it! xo

  • dwight Says:

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