Six Word Stories

122810This is such a cool project! Basically, it’s a story in six words (really, that’s all it takes), which is then further brought to life by a designer. Van Horgen, a Saint Paul copywriter, and Anne Ulku, a Minneapolis graphic designer managed to do one story every day last year and they are just awesome. Some are funny, some are sad, some are the God awful truth, some are swoony and romantic. They were inspired by Ernest Hemingway, who, legend has it, considered his best six word story to be: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Stunning, right? Now they’ve started a new site inviting other writer designer teams to send in stories. Check them out. Man, does this get my juices flowing.

Pushes wheelchair, sometimes sits to rest. (If you live near me, you know who I’m talking about!)

A cardinal, blood splotch in snow. (Meh)

My children take my breath away.

You see the mood? Go away.

Local mother felled by a louse.

Sometimes, bad is good for you.

If looks could kill, I’d kill.

OK, so I need more practice.

It’s harder than it looks! Here are a few from Van and Anne’s site:



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