Yes yes yes!  It finally fucking sold!  And who do we have to thank (besides the young couple who is buying it)?  Saint Joseph and La Virgen del Valle – sweet mama of God!  And what’s in the foil neck roll, you ask?  No, it’s not a joint, although that was heavily considered.  In that suspicious looking packet is a little bit of baby August’s hair.  In my delirious desire to sell our house I went a little voodoo on top of crazy fly-by-night Catholic, and it occurred to me that we needed a bit of August’s hair so that it would sell in August.  Logical, right?

We had buried Saint Joseph in the backyard in the spring, but he wasn’t exactly working his mojo, so Doctor Dash exhumed him and put him in a fine cigar box donated by Salt and Pepper Polymath.  We added La Virgen for some company, a bit of comfy bedding, and the rest is history.

So, thank you to our friends Ivory Tickler and Sweet Jessamine for not thinking us completely insane and for showing up on our doorstep with a little foil packet containing a lock of their newborn baby’s hair within minutes of our sheepish call.  

Joseph, Mary and August – it worked, you sexy mother fuckers, it worked!!!!

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