Hello from the depths of June.

I’m still here. All is well. I have much to report, much to celebrate and digest, but I have no laptop at the moment. Saint James + intriguing toy wrapped in plastic + coffee cup = no laptop for mama. And since my chitlins are all up in my business all the time, requiring food and rides and sunscreen at all hours, I can’t very well duck into Doctor Dash’s man cave to use the desk top. Night times are simply not an option. I am falling asleep as I type.

I leave you with a question. At what age does a girl begin to notice when her swimsuit is stuck in her butt? I don’t know the answer, but I do know the answer is not four. As if I don’t spend enough of my life sunscreening the porcelain-skinned Devil Baby, now I need to watch out for her adorable, chunkalicious bootay because sister has got a wedgie, like, ninety percent of the time.


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3 Responses to “Hello from the depths of June.”

  • Mamartiste Says:

    Yikes. You’re a week or two ahead of me with school getting out (tomorrow is our official last day) and I am feeling like I’m already so burned out from all of this end of the year stuff at school! Just try to appreciate it all because before you know it they’ll be heading for junior high and you’ll wish that they were still not aware of their bootay.

    Today was an end- of -school party with the same family that my kids have played with since they were toddlers and it looked like a pool full of teenagers! When did this happen? Eleven and twelve -year-old girls who are as tall as their mothers. It’s killing me. And I’m still feeling like I want to hold onto my own time to be creative and get stuff done, but then I see them and think there’s not many years like this left. It is so very sad. It’s so hard to stay in the moment, especially when we multi-task and run like crazy, but there’s no getting it back. Just soak it all in and try to enjoy and remember. Easier said than done.

  • Mary Says:

    I’m gonna go with 7.

  • Dean Says:

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