I take it all back!

mluconcertLouconcertYou know what I said before? Like, yesterday? Well, fuggedaboutit. In the last twelve hours I’ve gone to Devil Baby’s spring concert and Supergirl’s spring concert and both were so dear, so sweet, so filled with chubby arms and tiny voices in the case of the former, boisterous joy and proud smiles in the case of the latter, that I take it all back about the too much. We can never have too much of this. This is what it’s all about. Some day, breathtakingly soon, we will have no more of these precious little concerts. So I drink it in, wishing there was some way to bottle the joy of children singing. Wouldn’t that be something!

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One Response to “I take it all back!”

  • Courtney Says:

    This post, like several others, took my breath away. I can’t believe I did not know about this blog!! MLM just mentioned it to me yesterday… I’m enthralled by your words…they make me miss you! But it sounds like you guys have carved out a wonderful space in the world. You make me want to take a writing class…alas, I don’t think I could capture my history as beautifully as you’ve done yours…be proud of these writings lady…they are a gift. Love, Courtney

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