Catch ya on the flip side.

palm_treeTomorrow we leave for Tulum, Meheeeeco! Aside from the fact that my house seems to have sprouted piles of clothes like zits on an adolescent fry cook: those to be washed, those to be given away, those to be packed for the trip, those to be packed away for the season, I’m excited. I’m excited to be going somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m excited to be staying in a tiny hotel that’s not on the grid, where we’ve been encouraged to bring flashlights for nighttime reading. I’m excited to eat real Mexican food and for my kids to practice their Spanish. I’m excited to unplug, sit, do nothing but contemplate my toes in the sand. I’m excited to feel the sun on my skin, smell the ocean, hear the cacophony of unfamiliar birds. I’m excited to go to Easter mass in Mexico and take in the glorious pageantry. I’m excited to go shopping in a little bodega for Easter bunny goodies (I’ve heard the Mexican easter bunny is way more chill than his American hermano). I’m excited to write until my hand aches, with a good old fashioned pen and paper. I’m excited to sniff out some yoga, maybe even a massage. I’m excited to spend more of my day outside than inside, to feel the prickle of saltwater drying on my shoulders. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some laundry to do.

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