How could I have forgotten?

shapeimage_2Manny’s Tortas!  These are probably my favorite meat sandwich.  Go to the far back of the Midtown Global Market and there, to your right, you will find an unassuming stand dishing out Mexican sandwiches so satisfying and transporting you will hear the angels playing mariachis after your first bite.  The tortas are basically your choice of meat (go with the steak or pork) and all sorts of inspired, slippery and savory toppings (jalapeños, chipotle mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, melted swiss cheese, onion, sauteed mushrooms) in a soft french roll.  Grab extra napkins mis amigos.  Ay Dios mio!

*My thanks to Nanook of the North who reminded me of my past ravings about Manny’s.  As it happens, Nanook is often the innocent bystander to my salacious and exaggerated displays of meat sandwich love.  Apparently she is able to look past my drool and wild gesticulations and actually remembers what I say. I love a girl who makes a good mental note . . . it’s all about mental notes in life, isn’t it?

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