shapeimage_2-5Today Mother Nature awakens. Her eyes flicker ice blue and she hisses “BASTA!”  She sweeps her arm in a wide swath over her bedclothes sending red and golden leaves spinning and spiraling into the air – skittering away from her angry gesture before landing on the soft floor of her chambers.  She rises and throws open the heavy wooden doors to her armoire. She glimpses herself in a reflecting pool therein and her breath catches for a moment.  When did this happen to me? she wonders desolately.  There is a fawn bending to sip of the pool.  As she steps into her infinite closet, he startles and bounds away.  She walks quickly to the steamer trunk nestled behind a delicate birch tree, falls to her knees and steels herself for the cold.  She opens the trunk and a blast of chilly air roils over her bare shoulders as she rummages deep within.  She slams the lid and sits on the trunk, clutching a sapphire blue silk dress to her chest.  Her heart beats wildly through the fabric against the most tender part of her wrist.  She holds up a dove gray opera glove and slowly pulls it over her pale arm.  She touches the fingers of the other glove lying lifeless in her lap and collapses back against the birch tree.  She is so very tired.

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